About Two Coyote Vineyard

Two Coyote Vineyard is owned by two couples, John and Judy Chiles and Kirk Strosahl and Patti Robinson. We are long-term friends and share a love of good food, good wine and good times. John and Judith divide their time between their home in Port Townsend, Washington and their cottage (the "casita") in the vineyard. Kirk and Patti live in their new home (the "casa") in the vineyard and have to deal with all the fun of living there.

As friends, we go back more than 20 years together and have always dreamed of owning and operating our own vineyard! As people, we are honest, open to new ideas and down to earth in our approach to any task. We hope that our professional associations both now and into the future with growers and winemakers will teach us the many nuances of this fine art!